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On The Road PT 1


The Thymeshift + Amsler Spring Tour is on the roll! We’ve been rehearsing and we’re now a couple of gigs into the tour.

Saturday april 1st: The first gig took place in Stockholm @ Plugged Records. We played two sets in this really cozy club located in a cellar in the center of the Old Town in Stockholm. After finishing up we rushed on to the next gig. Västerås, Club 19, the same night. Great feeling, lots of people stopping by. The gig got filmed. Hope to post some stuff from the gig soon!

Sunday april 2nd: We spent the day rehearsing some new tunes and preparing for the workshop coming up on tuesday.

Monday april 3rd: Early morning with some packing to do and leaving my daughter at school. Then leaving for the airport and the flight up to Luleå in the northern part of the country. From Luleå we had to catch the bus to our final destination, Boden. Arrived in the afternoon. I have a special relationship with Boden as I spent my late teens there studying music. It was really great to be back. I took a long walk and visited all my old places. Not much had happened in the 26 years passing since the last time I was there. We finished up the day hanging out at the hotel, having a few beers and playing geography quiz!

Tuesday april 4th: Early morning soundcheck at my old Music Programme School. I really had a blast meeting up with some of my former teachers. So glad to see that many of them were still alive and well. We performed a concert and a clinic for the students, talking about the power of music and the importance of having fun making music. After a quick lunch at school we headed back for Luleå and the flight back to Stockholm.

Wednesday now and we’re heading for Gothenburg. Tonight at 8 we’re playing at Brötz. Looking forward. Swedish Radio is recording. I’ll be back with an update soon!

See Ya!



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Thymeshift + Amsler Spring Tour 2017

Thymeshift Katrine AmslerApril is soon here and we’re getting ready to go out on our spring tour around Sweden. We hope to see you around. Cheers!

Thymeshift+Amsler Sweden tour april 2017:
1/4 Plugged Records, Stockholm kl 14.00
1/4 Nya Perspektiv, Västerås kl. 20.00
4/4 Boden
5/4 Brötz, Göteborg kl 20.30 (Swedish Jazz Radio)
6/4 Scenkonstutbudsdag Uddevalla (Thymeshift Elektronix)
7/4 Not Quite, Fengersfors kl 19.00
8/4 Katakomberna Kvarnbyn, Mölndal kl. 16.00
9/4 JazzMiniCamp, Vänersborg
13/4 Klubb Boogaloo, Norrköping (special guest Carl Svensson – guitar!!!)
Supported by Statens Kulturråd.


Katrine Amsler (DK) – keyboards, laptop
Thomas Gunillasson (S) – guitar (1-8/4)
Carl Svensson (S) – guitar (13/4)
Johan Björklund (S) – drums
Thomas Backman (S) – saxophone, clarinet, synth

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Digital Life Resurrection

The start of 2017 has been a tough one regarding the state of my digital life. A couple of days after new years eve one of my external LaCie hard drives fell on the floor. It didn’t crash on the floor, it just fell really lightly. Unfortunately that was enough to totally destroy the disk. Years of photos and videos were gone. As a total idiot I didn’t have a backup either, so the stuff was gone for real 🙁

Next thing, my 2011 Macbook Pro died. Phew, this was tough…

My MBP has been the center piece of my musical work and not having a computer really put me in a hiatus. I was right in the middle of producing and mixing a session when this happened, so now I haven’t been able to work for almost a month. Until now! Last tuesday a new Macbook Pro arrived and now I’m really looking forward to start creating stuff again. This time I had a backup for most of my work. Been spending this last week recovering files and installing stuff and now I’m glad to be able to work again!


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Thymeshift + Amsler getting ready for touring

Currently the band is preparing the first tour in April 2017. We have a few dates confirmed already in different parts of Sweden. Hopefully we’ll be able to locate one part of the tour to the northernmost part of the country. I would love to play in the region where I grew up! We have a couple of dates there, but we need a couple more to make it worthwhile. To catch a glimpse of the band in action, watch the video below!

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Kicking off Thymeshift + Amsler

Now it’s official. The Thymeshift + Amsler project had its kick off the other day. We spent three days in Gothenburg rehearsing new tunes for the project. Not did we only rehearse, we hung out a lot, had good food and drinks and enjoyed each others company. Really looking forward to touring with these beautiful people! Besides me, Thymeshift + Amsler consists of Katrine Amsler, Thomas Backman and Johan Björklund. We will be touring Sweden in march-april 2017. Stay tuned!


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