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Ten More Days Under Water


The tragic loss of Avicii earlier this year had a deep impact on me. I started listening to his work. I had already heard much of it, but not really listened thorougly. I discovered new sides of him that I never been exposed to. Like this tune. It’s a beautiful song with some deep lyrics that got me hooked. Me, Lindha and Johan decided to give this tune a go and here it is!

Ten more days under water
And I already know
I’ll be fine
Ten more days ’till it’s over
‘Till the darkness goes
And I see the light
I’m torn between
Fulfilling my wildest dreams
To satisfy the beast inside of me
And I grounded love
That raises me high above
The grabbing hands of cowards
And of thieves
Ten more days to find my way
Ten more days ’till I’m awake
Ten more days ’till I don’t have to fight
I don’t need a future king
There ain’t a prayer that I could sing
Ten more days and I’m gonna make it right
You see my conscience betrayed me
But baby I’m strong enough to take the tides
The bed it trembles beneath me
But wherever the road is rough
You know I’ll rise

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This one is an old favorite. I’ve used this tune lots of times in my guitar teaching, enabling the students to get a grasp of Drop D tuning and getting started with playing octaves. The tune is also a great display of fine rhythm playing. In this case I used the baritone guitar to get that low grind needed when playing “bass less” 😉


Lindha Kallerdahl – Voice

Thomas Gunillasson – Guitar

Johan Björklund – Drums

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Intense weekend/New Band

Some new punk ballad stuff coming up! Been preparing for this new unit for the last few weeks. Something as unusual as a cover band. I have been working with drummer Johan Björklund for 14 years now and with bad ass singer Lindha Kallerdahl for 10 years. We decided we needed to celebrate that by forming a cover trio! So fun! Now we’ve been rehearsing and recording tunes by Avicii, The Cure, Foo Fighters and Chaka Khan for a couple of days. We’re stoked and just wanna get out and play. While in Gothenburg I also laid down some guitar tracks on Johan’s new solo album. That music sounded great. Now you have some wonderful music looking forward to! Can’t wait!


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Hommage to David Bowie and Robert Fripp

It’s been two years now since Bowie left this earth and he is greatly missed. I just read an interview with longtime Bowie collaborator Mike Garson where he told that in the seventies, Bowie had been visiting a psychic who had forecasted his death in january 2016.  Garson says “(The psychic) told him he was going to die exactly when he died. There are a lot of psychics who are out of their minds and full of it, but this one was real. David knew it and didn’t doubt it for a second. He told me about (the reading) with certainty, accepted it and planned his future out based on that. He had 30, 40 years to plan out his life.”Reading this, it becomes more apparent that Bowie had a master plan and that he was in total control over his creative output right until his last breath. It’s all so staggering.

During the last few weeks I’ve seen many artists celebrating the life and times of Bowie by putting out shows and tribute concerts. Unfortunately I haven’t been asked to participate in any of them, although I really would love to. I know most of his songs and the love and passion I have for his music combined with the knowledge about the different styles of his guitar players would make me a goddamn perfect guitarist in a Bowie tribute band. However, I created my own little tribute by recording some Frippish/Belewish guitar playing over the Scary Monsters chord progression. I made some drum programming, recorded a few rhythm guitars and laid down a basic synth bass. Over that I improvised a couple of takes and here’s what came out. Hope you enjoy it! And don’t forget to call me if you’re planning to pay hommage to David 🙂


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Parallel Activitiy – Rubicon

I’m very proud to have my shot featured on Parallel Activity’s new album “Rubicon”. It was shot in Skåne, Sweden last summer on a windy day. Please head over to iTunes and purchase the album. I’ts full of great tunes and stellar musicianship. Check it out!

Layout: Martin Persson

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