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Playing On Some New Stuff

Very glad to announce that I’m playing on the new Modus Operandi record “Space Exploration”. This is some crazy electronic stuff with wild guitars. Looking forward to do more sessions!

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Lose Yourself To Those Funky Rhythms

Again, picking up the guitar, remembering why it all started. Getting back to the core of the music and losing yourself to the pure joy of the rhythm and the riff. I love playing complex stuff and getting my head around different types of challenging music, but there’s nothing like being a part of a groove and being able to fill that little hole in the music with just the right part to complete the musical machinery. Playing pop/rock has always been about that for me. Being a part of the band machine that keeps on grooving, no matter what!


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Showing Some Love For Nile Rodgers and Paul Jackson Jr with Line 6 Native

In da pocket! Having both Nile Rodgers and Paul Jackson Jr playing on the same album must have been a dream come true for the guys in Daft Punk. I consider these two guitarists among the most prolific rhythm players on the planet. I love the contrast of the loose, jangly rhythms that Nile provides and Pauls tight, muted riffs. I could keep playing this stuff forever ❤️ The first riff is guitar straight out of the sound card w/some compressor, no amps. The other guitars were recorded w/Line6 Native using this patch:… 👉PLAY LOUDER👈

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Thymeshift + Amsler on the road again!

Splendid Thymes!

Thymeshift + Amsler has been on the road for an intense week performing at different venues around Sweden. Besides playing regular concerts, we’ve been doing some really fun workshops with students at different stages in their musical development. The common theme for the workshops has been improvisation. Everybody can improvise in music, it’s no different than improvising in your everyday life. We make split second decisions all the time everyday and we can do the same in music. It doesn’t need to have anything to do with playing the “right” scales or notes. It’s a mindset! We had some really rewarding moments with the students during the week. Fun, fun, fun!

Also worth mentioning is that we’ve now completed our forthcoming album. We spent 2 days at Studio Zen in Gothenburg recording several new tunes. We’re stoked about this. It will be a great album, maybe there’s material for a double album. We’ll see!

Finally, look out for our last shows on this tour!

September 29th, 7pm, we’re playing @ Glenn Miller Café in Stockholm, Sweden

October 6th, 2pm, we’re playing @ Hagakyrkan in Gothenburg, Sweden

Finished dates so far:

8 sept Munkedals Kapell
9 sept Nya Lundby Kyrka, Gothenburg
10 sept Vänersborg (school concert/workshop)
11 sept Furulundsskolan, Partille (school concert)
12 sept Alströmergymnasiet, Alingsås (school concert/workshop)
13 sept HSM Gothenburg (school concert/workshop)
14 sept Tranemo (school concert/workshop)
14 sept Tre Trappor Upp, Tranemo
29 sept Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm
6 oct Haga Church, Gothenburg

Katrine Amsler (DK) – keyboards and stuff
Thomas Gunillasson (S) – guitars and laptop
Thomas Backman (S) – reeds
Johan Björklund (S) – drums




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Ten More Days Under Water


The tragic loss of Avicii earlier this year had a deep impact on me. I started listening to his work. I had already heard much of it, but not really listened thorougly. I discovered new sides of him that I never been exposed to. Like this tune. It’s a beautiful song with some deep lyrics that got me hooked. Me, Lindha and Johan decided to give this tune a go and here it is!

Ten more days under water
And I already know
I’ll be fine
Ten more days ’till it’s over
‘Till the darkness goes
And I see the light
I’m torn between
Fulfilling my wildest dreams
To satisfy the beast inside of me
And I grounded love
That raises me high above
The grabbing hands of cowards
And of thieves
Ten more days to find my way
Ten more days ’till I’m awake
Ten more days ’till I don’t have to fight
I don’t need a future king
There ain’t a prayer that I could sing
Ten more days and I’m gonna make it right
You see my conscience betrayed me
But baby I’m strong enough to take the tides
The bed it trembles beneath me
But wherever the road is rough
You know I’ll rise

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