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Yesterday’s tribute to Bowie

Wow! I had a really fun night yesterday. It was all Bowie! The setlist was huge with 26 songs divided into 2 sets and I got to enjoy a lot of great music, meet new and old music peers from different parts of the business and make some noise together with them. This was really the first time for me playing Bowie-songs in public. A couple of years ago one of the projects I was in covered “A New Career In a New Town”, but it never made it to the public. Now I might pick it up again, though…

Back to yesterday. It meant a lot to me to get the opportunity to play some Bowie-stuff as he’s been such a huge influence. I joined the band for Scary Monsters, Space Oddity and Suffragette City. Especially playing Scary Monsters was loads of fun. Fripps guitar on the recording is pure craziness and a dream situation to tackle for a player like me. That whole album is pure gold both song-, production- and guitar playing wise. I would just love to play the whole Scary Monsters album from start to end sometime.

Robert Fripp usually played a Les Paul during these sessions, I think. I may be wrong… I chose to play my strat this time. I figured the strat would be a better choice for Space Oddity where I was doing some more atmospheric playing and I needed the twang bar. I played through my usual pedal rig, but unusually enough through a Marshall amp. I have a history with these amps as I’ve owned a JCM 800 in my early days and what can I say…you either love or hate Marshall amps. This one was a JCM 900 two channel amp. I went through the clean channel as I use my pedals for dirt. The clean is not what Marshall is known for. The sound has a really bright, nasal character with a lot of emphasis on the high mids and it tends to get thin and squeaky, with lack for a better term. Marshall amps do one thing well; balls to the wall riffing and the amp sounded good through the songs that had some of those ingredients, like the early Bowie/Ronson-stuff. With that said, the Marshall amp-thing didn’t bother me at all yesterday. I could have played through a Pignose and still have a great time with musical material like this. A big thanks to Lasse Holmgren for letting me be a part of this project!


Photo: Ingela Gunillasson

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I was kind of inspired by Bruce Springsteen when I wrote this song. I wanted this muscular intro reminiscent of something from the “Born To Run” era. The tune came out as a sort of mix between spaghetti-western-surf-stadium art rock. The solo mixes some backward phrases with some straight forward playing. I used my Fender strat for all the guitar tracks.

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