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Auditioning the Martin D45 IR’s from 3 Sigma Audio

Still in love with the Line 6 Helix unit and constantly finding new sounds and ways of working with it. I was curious of how using acoustic IR’s would work with the Helix so I downloaded the 3 Sigma Martin D45 impulses from here and started experimenting with the different IR’s provided using my Martin 00016GT. I found the results to be very promising and I think I could get even better sounds with some tweaking and maybe combining it with a condenser mic. For this video I just used one IR block and went away. I added some subtle EQ and reverb in post, but otherwise it’s just the IR. For the electric guitar I used the Litigator amp with one compressor block and a reverb block, maybe some delay. Some reverb added in post there as well. For the lead I hit the Stupor OD. All guitars recorded direct from the Helix via 2 xlr’s to my T.C Electronic Impact Twin soundcard. Ableton Live used as DAW. The tune was written some years ago and can be heard on my 2014 album “Glashus” as well. During a period of time I wrote several tunes named after different types of reindeer in the Sapmi language. This tune is named “Spoairu” which means a “long legged, thin reindeer”.

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