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Digital Life Resurrection

The start of 2017 has been a tough one regarding the state of my digital life. A couple of days after new years eve one of my external LaCie hard drives fell on the floor. It didn’t crash on the floor, it just fell really lightly. Unfortunately that was enough to totally destroy the disk. Years of photos and videos were gone. As a total idiot I didn’t have a backup either, so the stuff was gone for real 🙁

Next thing, my 2011 Macbook Pro died. Phew, this was tough…

My MBP has been the center piece of my musical work and not having a computer really put me in a hiatus. I was right in the middle of producing and mixing a session when this happened, so now I haven’t been able to work for almost a month. Until now! Last tuesday a new Macbook Pro arrived and now I’m really looking forward to start creating stuff again. This time I had a backup for most of my work. Been spending this last week recovering files and installing stuff and now I’m glad to be able to work again!


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