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Playing the Line 6 Helix using some Park and Marshall amp models



All guitars are tracked with the Helix and recorded via 2 XLR’s straight into my Audient ID14 soundcard. A little bit of delay added in post production.

Gear used:
Fender USA vintage reissue strat w/Suhr FL pickups
Line 6 Helix
Audient ID14
Ableton Live

This tune is also featured in a different version on Thymeshift’s 2015 album “Beyond Horizons”. Released on BoogiePost Recordings.

Check it out on iTunes:


on Spotify:

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Thymeshift + Amsler featured in TV021

Swedish Web-TV “TV021″visited Thymeshift rehearsals prior to our spring tour.


” Innovative Swedish group Thymeshift with Thomas Gunillasson is currently touring Sweden together with Danish keyboardist Katrine Amsler. Together they will take the music in new exciting directions. Composed, improvised and sometimes programmed. We met the band during their final rehearsal on Friday 31 March before the premiere gig in Stockholm followed by an intimate gig at Club 19 in Västerås.”


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Polar Guitar

From my 2014 album “Glashus”. I wrote this song in a hotel room in northern Finland. I tried to capture the northern mood and the darkness of my childhoods cold winter nights. This tune is entirely consisting of guitar loops. I recorded a couple of improvised tracks over a beat and then I chopped up it into small pieces in Ableton and created loops of the snippets. The parts were then processed with some reverb and filters. A fun way of working!

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