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Queen Rehearsals

Lately I’ve been getting into the music of Queen and the guitar playing of Mr.May. I was asked to play guitar for a Queen production featuring a large orchestra and a huge choir. I really dug into the tunes and tones of Mr.May, thinking that this will really put the trusted Line 6 Helix to the test. 10 years ago I was a part of another Queen production. Then I was relying on another Line 6 product, the M13. I must say guitar technology has made a huge leap in 10 years. While the M13 really got me into the ballpark for the tones, it didn’t have the amp modelling or the snapshot features of the Helix. Helix is also a big upgrade in terms of sound quality and useability. Right now in this production I’m using it without an actual amp, relying on the modelling of the unit. This is a great way to work when you need total control of your stage volume while retaining the sounds of a pushed amp. I run two FRFR speakers as monitoring and then direct out to FOH via the XLR outs. On may 6th we’ll be playing a show at Västerås Konserthus, Sweden. Will be really fun!

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