I’m definitely not a gear snob to begin with, although I love stuff that sounds good. This is some of the stuff I’ve been using lately.


Fender American Vintage ’62 (1994)

This is the guitar that gets used the most. I’ve been upgrading it with Suhr FL pickups and the Suhr Silent System which works great for taking the hum out of the single coils.


Gibson ES-335 (1967)

The story about this guitar brings a tear in My eye everytime. I inherited this beauty from a dear student who passed away too early in 2007. I’ve been playing it on Recordings and gigs ever since and everytime I pick up The guitar I think of you, dear Lasse. Hope you’re doing well up there


I also use an ESP Eclipse, Hagström Baritone and a Hagström 12-string electric. For acoustic work I use a Martin 00016GT.



Over the years I’ve been using Marshalls, Voxes and Fenders. Now I’ve settled on a Fender Vibrolux. This one is rather new in Fender’s product line, but it sounds great. Occasionally I play a Vox AC30 as well.




The pedalboard keeps changing from time to time. Sometimes I stick on a pedal that I have lying around the house. This is what it looks like in 2016.


First I have a Boss LS-2. I use as a “channel switcher” between clean and dirt.

In clean mode the signal runs through Ernie Ball VP Jr – Xotic EP Booster – Red Panda Particle – Line 6 M9.

In dirt mode the signal runs through Maxon SD9 – Skreddy Screwdriver – Bogner Burnley – Ernie Ball VP Jr – Red Panda Particle – Line 6 M9.

I use the Line 6 M9 for delays and modulation effects. I also have a Teese RMC-3 Wah that I use occasionally.



I do a lot of guitar processing within Ableton Live. Usually I use a Sennheiser E906 on my amp that goes into my sound card. I use reverbs and other effects from Ableton Live and then feed that signal to the main PA and to my monitor. The signal from Ableton is all “wet” so I get a kind of “wet/dry” setup. I then use my Korg NanoKontrol to adjust the effects. I also have a Logidy MIDI-pedal with an expression pedal to control loops within Ableton Live. Sometimes I use a Electro Harmonix Switchblade to split the signal between the amp and soundcard. Doing that I can use just the wet sound from Ableton for heavy FX-processing.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-13 kl. 15.04.39

Sometimes I run the Conductr app on an iPad as a controller for Ableton Live. I’ts a fast and intuitive way of controlling the program. I’m a featured Conductr artist.

Conductr for iPad