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Aside from working with the bands below, I also do guitar sessions, collaborations and other freelance work. Contact me at for proposals.



Thomas Gunillasson (SE) – guitar, electronics

Thomas Backman (SE) – saxophones, clarinet

Johan Björklund (SE) – drums, electronics

Thymeshift forms the basis of several musical projects. When performing workshops in “music creation w/digital tools” around Sweden the group performs as a trio. In other contexts the group works with collaborators such as Hilmar Jensson (IS) and Katrine Amsler (DK).

Thomas Gunillasson (SE) – guitar, electronics
Born and raised in Kiruna as a son of a miner, Picked up the electric guitar at age 9. Heavily into pop music at the time (still am) wanting to learn the sounds of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Later on in the teens developed an interest in heavy rock and metal music which led to joining a couple of metal and rock bands in Kiruna. At 15 I started studying jazz music and got sucked up in trying to cover the sounds of Mike Stern, John Scofield and Allan Holdsworth among others. Has been working with: Les Pickadoles w/Morgan Ågren & Gustaf Hielm, Lindha Kallerdahl, Karin Inde, Militanta Jazzmusiker, How, Mess, The Dora Steins, Lawn Penguin, Love truth & joy, Brownouts, vobler and Zara Tellander

Thomas Backman (SE) – saxophones, clarinet
Thomas Backman can be found in a lot of different settings. He is a member of several bands like Paavo, Klabbes Bank & Television Pickup, but can also be found in the band behind pop-singer Maia Hirasawa. Thomas is also the leader of his own band “Jerry the Cupboard” where all the music is written by himself.

Thomas has been working as a freelancer with for example: Georg Riedel, Miss Li, Loney dear, Nicolai Dunger, Josefine Lindstrand (Jazz i Sverige), Goran Kajfes.

Johan Björklund (SE) – drums, electronics
Innovative drummer/composer/bandleader. Works with his own bands Mess, Johan Björklund Dynamic Flavours and Yoleeyo. His main project Mess has released three CDs and he appears on several other recordings. Johan has worked with a number of interesting bands/artists in a broad range of genres: Bohuslän Big Band, Änglaspel, Zara Tellander, Johannes Lundberg, Cue Act, Celso Paco, Erena Rhöse Earthbeat, Jon Balke and several others.
He has also done extensive work with dancers in groups like Transorganic Experience and Adeps Improvisation.

Contact/booking/further info:

Johan Björklund +46 70 6784275

Thomas Gunillasson +46 737 810015

Thymeshift + Katrine Amsler


Katrine Amsler (DK) – keyboards, electronics

Thomas Gunillasson (SE) – guitar, electronics

Thomas Backman (SE) – saxophones, clarinet

Johan Björklund (SE) – drums, electronics

The Thymeshift trio is now picking up a new collaboration with danish keyboardist/sampler/sound designer Katrine Amsler. Katrine will bring our music in completely new directions! Fresh compositions, improvisations and sometimes programmed music no one ever heard before. The band will be on tour in the spring of 2017 and an album recording is coming up.

Katrine Amsler (DK) – keyboards, electronics

Lives in Copenhagen. Leading the band Television Pickup with whom she has released several critically acclaimed albums. Also working with Lindha Kallerdahl, Shitney, IB Expo, Big Bombastic Collective, Samuel Hällkvist etc.
Bosatt i Köpenhamn. Leder bandet Television Pickup med ett flertal kritikerrosade skivsläpp i bagaget. Jobbar också med Lindha Kallerdahl, Shitney, IB Expo, Big Bombastic Collective, Samuel Hällqvist m.fl.

Contact/booking/further info:

Johan Björklund +46 70 6784275

Thomas Gunillasson +46 737 810015

Thymeshift + Hilmar Jensson

Thymeshift. Pressbild. Fri publicering. Foto© Kristin Lidell. Fotografens namn ska anges vid publicering.

Foto © Kristin Lidell.

Hilmar Jensson (IS) – guitar, electronics

Thomas Gunillasson (SE) – guitar, electronics

Thomas Backman (SE) – saxophones, clarinet

Johan Björklund (SE) – drums, electronics

New, exiting collaboration between Swedes Gunillasson/ Björklund/ Backman and Icelander Jensson.
Groovy, cool, wild, crazy, beautiful music came out of this combo when they went on their first tour in the Nordic countries 21-25 february 2011.

Hilmar Jensson (IS) – guitar, electronics
Hilmar first picked up the guitar at the age of six but started studying formally at age eleven. In 1982 he started studying jazz at FIH school of music in Iceland and graduated from there in 1987.
He the went to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music and got his BM degree in 1991. While in Boston he performed extensively and took private lessons with Mick Goodrick, Jerry Bergonzi and Hal Crook to name a few.
After teaching and performing in Iceland for two years Hilmar went to New York in 1993 where he performed with various musicians as well as taking private lessons with Joe Lovano. Since returning to Iceland in 1994 Hilmar has performed and recorded in a wide variety of settings and appeared on over 30 records including 4 as a leader or co-leader.
Since 1999 Hilmar has been a member of Jim Black’s AlasNoAxis, a critically acclaimed NY based quartet that records for Winter & Winter and has toured extensively in the U.S and Europe.
He also lead his own trio, TYFT with two records and extensively international touring.
Hilmar has performed and/or recorded with Tim Berne, Leo Smith, Kevin Drumm, Herb Robertson, Trevor Dunn, Greg Bendian, Jim Blacks, Chris Speed, Briggan Krauss, Jamie Saft, Cuong Vu, Rafael Toral, Carlos Zingaro, Tom Rainey, Ben Perowski, Per Jörgensen, Eyvind Kang, Terje Isungset, Arve Henriksen and Ståle Storlokken


Band links:

Thymeshift Elektronix

Thymeshift Elekt 2

Thomas Gunillasson –  elgitarr, elektronik

Johan Björklund – trummor, elektronik

Thomas Backman – saxofon, elektronik

Ett spännande svenskt band som arbetar med att kombinera traditionella instrument med digitala/elektroniska instrument. Musiken vi skapar är influerad av bl.a rock, pop, jazz och världsmusik och vi vill visa på vägar att jobba med digitala verktyg inom musikämnet genom att skapa en unik musikupplevelse med improvisation, kreativitet och lekfullhet i fokus tillsammans med era elever. Nedan följer en beskrivning av vårt arbete.


Vår utgångspunkt är att alla människor är kreativa, kan skapa sin egen musik hitta ett uttryck. Vi har en stark tro på att musiken är en viktig del av vår identitetsutveckling och att kunskap om musik ökar elevens möjligheter att forma och delta i framtidens kulturliv.


Vi vill med vårt besök i skolorna visa på musikens möjligheter som uttrycksform och kommunikationsmedel genom att erbjuda eleverna en interaktiv konsert som de är med och utformar tillsammans med oss. Vi tror att vårt arbete med digitala verktyg kan stimulera elevens tilltro till sin egen förmåga att musicera och skapa ett intresse för att utveckla sin egen kreativitet. De kan även vara en stor hjälp i att kommunicera elevens egna musikaliska tankar och idéer då ingen förkunskap behövs.


Under vårt besök kommer vi att beröra följande punkter:

Improvisation med rytmer och toner – Eleven får använda sig av musikens traditionella byggstenar genom att improvisera med sin röst och med ljudskapande.

Rytm, dynamik och tonhöjd – Eleven uppmärksammas på starka/svaga ljud, låga/höga toner och långsamma/snabba rytmer.

Musikskapande/framförande – Eleverna skapar musiken själva tillsammans med oss och framförandet sker i stunden.

Digitala verktyg – Vi använder oss av surfplattor med tillhörande musikappar och demonstrerar olika sätt att jobba kreativt med dessa.

Målgrupp: F-åk 9

Deltagarantal: Klasser om 15-30 elever

Längd: 40-80 minuter enligt överenskommelse

Förkunskaper: Inga

Vi som jobbar med detta är erfarna musiker med stor pedagogisk vana. Vi har jobbat med workshops i 10 år på många olika nivåer.

Lindha Kallerdahl GOLD


Lindha Kallerdahl – vocals
Thomas Gunillason – guitars
Samuel Hällkvist – guitars
Fabian Kallerdahl – piano
Katrine Amsler – keys

Lindha’s own musical projects and platforms are often called ”GOLD”. Lindha made her first GOLD-performance in Stockholm 2007. That edition of GOLD consisted of Okkuyng Lee, Anna Lindahl and Nina de Heney. In April 2007 Lindha released her first solo-voice-album (also entitled GOLD) on Swedish Jazz-indie label Hoob Jazz. Here Lindha, totally alone in the studio, with some help from the grand piano and the organ explores her voice and her artistry to the fullest. Today’s edition of ”GOLD” consists of Lindha, Katrine Amsler, keys, Samuel Hällqvist and Thomas Gunillasson on guitar and Fabian Kallerdahl on piano. Lindha is considered one of the most important and groundbreaking singers on the Swedish jazz and improvisation scene and teaches at the conservatory in Göteborg. The force and energy that comes from being honest to the soul and the heart as well as to the music itself is Lindha’s big strength.

Lindha’s website:

 Les Pickadoles


Thomas Gunillasson – guitar
Morgan Ågren – drums
Gustaf Hielm – bass

Fresh, wild at heart and totally killing, Les Pickadoles passionately delivers a fascinating blend of Rock, Jazz, Ambient and World music with a rough attitude but far from hard to digest. With common instruments and electronic devices the band creates partially composed music intertwined with sudden impulses. The members of the band are all seasoned performers with a long list of both national and international collaborations.

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TSE stående

Thomas Gunillasson has no beard and plays guitar/laptop

Johan Björklund has a beard and drummer/laptop

Thomas Backman has a beard and plays saxophone/laptop

Jonas Färnlöf has a beard and playing bass/percussion/laptop

THE SONIC E is a project based on the idea that the computer and the human being has an equal part in the musical creative process. The initiator and project manager Thomas Gunillasson describes the project as “we have one foot in the jazz soil and other techno cloud” and refers to all the members in one way or another has a clear jazz background and love to improvise, but at the same time want to take advantage of all the opportunities of new technologies to create unusual and unpredictable music!

Since Thomas Gunillasson and Johan Björklund started playing together in spring 2004, they have explored the borderland between accoustic and electronically improvised music. When Thomas in the spring of 2014 took the opportunity to launch a development project with support from the swedish arts grants commitee, it was obvious that Johan would be one of the members. Together with saxophonist Thomas Backman and DJ / bassist Jonas Färnlöf  he launched the project THE SONIC E.

In the fall of 2014 songs are written and ideas tested. The music takes shape and it sounds like an orgy of fat beats, wailing guitars, hoarse scissors and melancholic synth melodies. All performed with a jazz attitude, rock energy and electro sounds. By syncing our computers via WiFi so arises a force and coherence of the computer improvisations that feels very organic, a feeling that all music comes from one body. 

Contact Thomas Gunillasson +46 73 7810015