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New Album Out November 1st

November 1st, THE SONIC E “Dope Regards” (Simlas 011)

In the fall of 2014, the Swedish Improrockjazzoutfit Thymeshift merged with DJ/bassist/producer Jonas Färnlöf under the name of The Sonic E to explore and to some extent wipe out computer/human boundaries in a creative music creation process. Synchronized computers, venturous improvisations and innovative outsidetheboxthinking. The band worked intensively during the year and met regularly at Jonas cabin/studio in Västerås (not to be confused with Westeros) to test, develop and customize the music. The live-premiere took place in April 2015 and the band played half a dozen concerts before they went into Studio Västerås and immortalized it all. The recorded part of the project has been slowly matured and processed leading to this final result.

The Sonic E proudly presents: ”Dope Regards”. Don’t be squared…be Grabbed from Beyond!

Thomas Gunillasson – guitars, laptop
Jonas Färnlöf – voice, bass, percussion, laptop
Johan Björklund – drums, percussion, laptop

Thomas Backman – altosaxophone, clarinet, flute, voice, laptop

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Les Pickadoles Update

Les Pickadoles performed a blistering set at the Katrineholm Jazz & Blues Festival. Arriving from different parts of the country we gathered at Djulö Herrgård in the afternoon to get our tunes together. The site was crowded and the weather was really good. Some clouds, nice temperature around 20 C and no rain. We had a list of about 10 tunes that we rehearsed on the spot. As usual we had a rough idea of what we were going to do, but as always there’s plenty of room for spontaneous impromptu stuff. We had the last spot in the festival program so we took the opportunity to enjoy some fine jazz by Erik Hassle and Lars Jansson among others that were playing prior to us. We made a little remark to each other that their stuff really differed to what we were doing and we kind of asked ourselves, will this work concerning the traditional “jazz festival” sense? As we headed up on stage those concerns flew away like a little whinchat as the crowd gave us a warm welcome. It was a really mixed crowd with both old and young, men, women and others. Everybody got soaked up in the music! Me, I couldn’t remember what I was doing. Time flew. All of a sudden it was the last song and it felt like we just started playing. It’s always a blast playing with Gustaf and Morgan. Those guys can put out some earth poundering noise and rock out like freaks from outer space, but at the same time they have a fantastic sensibility and the ability to really listen and embody themselves with the music. Just wow! Can’t wait ’til next time!

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This song is of the 2015 album “Beyond Horizons” with Thymeshift. Originally it was written for a project I called “Reinbear” and is a part of a sequence of songs I wrote  influenced by the different types of reindeers existing in the Sapmi language. A Busat-reindeer has large testicles or only one, very large, testicle.

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Playing the Line 6 Helix using some Park and Marshall amp models



All guitars are tracked with the Helix and recorded via 2 XLR’s straight into my Audient ID14 soundcard. A little bit of delay added in post production.

Gear used:
Fender USA vintage reissue strat w/Suhr FL pickups
Line 6 Helix
Audient ID14
Ableton Live

This tune is also featured in a different version on Thymeshift’s 2015 album “Beyond Horizons”. Released on BoogiePost Recordings.

Check it out on iTunes:


on Spotify:

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