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New Album Out November 1st

November 1st, THE SONIC E “Dope Regards” (Simlas 011)

In the fall of 2014, the Swedish Improrockjazzoutfit Thymeshift merged with DJ/bassist/producer Jonas Färnlöf under the name of The Sonic E to explore and to some extent wipe out computer/human boundaries in a creative music creation process. Synchronized computers, venturous improvisations and innovative outsidetheboxthinking. The band worked intensively during the year and met regularly at Jonas cabin/studio in Västerås (not to be confused with Westeros) to test, develop and customize the music. The live-premiere took place in April 2015 and the band played half a dozen concerts before they went into Studio Västerås and immortalized it all. The recorded part of the project has been slowly matured and processed leading to this final result.

The Sonic E proudly presents: ”Dope Regards”. Don’t be squared…be Grabbed from Beyond!

Thomas Gunillasson – guitars, laptop
Jonas Färnlöf – voice, bass, percussion, laptop
Johan Björklund – drums, percussion, laptop

Thomas Backman – altosaxophone, clarinet, flute, voice, laptop

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Inaugurating Lasse Färnlöf’s place


Saturday aug 27 saw the inauguration of Lasse Färnlös’s place in Västerås, Sweden. Lasse (1942-94) was one of the most influential jazz composers/musicians in Sweden during the 60’s through the 80’s. Now he’s got his own square in his hometown, Västerås. For the last couple of years I’ve come to know his son, Jonas. We’ve played several gigs together and have worked together in my THE SONIC E project. The other day he phoned me to play on this occasion. I was very honored to get the opportunity to perform in honor for the great musician, Lasse. It was loads of fun and the square was crowded as we blasted out Lasses “Boutique Sandhamn” together with the great trio Bicycle Beat from Stockholm and Jonas son Aslan. Thanks Jonas, Aslan, Bicycle Beat and last but not least Lasse Färnlöf!

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In 2014 I got the opportunity to start up a new project thanks to the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. The result of became THE SONIC E. The basic idea of the project is to have laptops and ipads communicating with each other via WiFi. After writing songs and rehearsing in 2014 we recorded an album and went on tour in 2015. The album is planned to be released on swedish label BoogiePost Recordings during 2016.

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