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Thymeshift + Amsler on the road again!

Splendid Thymes!

Thymeshift + Amsler has been on the road for an intense week performing at different venues around Sweden. Besides playing regular concerts, we’ve been doing some really fun workshops with students at different stages in their musical development. The common theme for the workshops has been improvisation. Everybody can improvise in music, it’s no different than improvising in your everyday life. We make split second decisions all the time everyday and we can do the same in music. It doesn’t need to have anything to do with playing the “right” scales or notes. It’s a mindset! We had some really rewarding moments with the students during the week. Fun, fun, fun!

Also worth mentioning is that we’ve now completed our forthcoming album. We spent 2 days at Studio Zen in Gothenburg recording several new tunes. We’re stoked about this. It will be a great album, maybe there’s material for a double album. We’ll see!

Finally, look out for our last shows on this tour!

September 29th, 7pm, we’re playing @ Glenn Miller Café in Stockholm, Sweden

October 6th, 2pm, we’re playing @ Hagakyrkan in Gothenburg, Sweden

Finished dates so far:

8 sept Munkedals Kapell
9 sept Nya Lundby Kyrka, Gothenburg
10 sept Vänersborg (school concert/workshop)
11 sept Furulundsskolan, Partille (school concert)
12 sept Alströmergymnasiet, Alingsås (school concert/workshop)
13 sept HSM Gothenburg (school concert/workshop)
14 sept Tranemo (school concert/workshop)
14 sept Tre Trappor Upp, Tranemo
29 sept Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm
6 oct Haga Church, Gothenburg

Katrine Amsler (DK) – keyboards and stuff
Thomas Gunillasson (S) – guitars and laptop
Thomas Backman (S) – reeds
Johan Björklund (S) – drums




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Thymeshift + Amsler Spring Tour 2017

Thymeshift Katrine AmslerApril is soon here and we’re getting ready to go out on our spring tour around Sweden. We hope to see you around. Cheers!

Thymeshift+Amsler Sweden tour april 2017:
1/4 Plugged Records, Stockholm kl 14.00
1/4 Nya Perspektiv, Västerås kl. 20.00
4/4 Boden
5/4 Brötz, Göteborg kl 20.30 (Swedish Jazz Radio)
6/4 Scenkonstutbudsdag Uddevalla (Thymeshift Elektronix)
7/4 Not Quite, Fengersfors kl 19.00
8/4 Katakomberna Kvarnbyn, Mölndal kl. 16.00
9/4 JazzMiniCamp, Vänersborg
13/4 Klubb Boogaloo, Norrköping (special guest Carl Svensson – guitar!!!)
Supported by Statens Kulturråd.


Katrine Amsler (DK) – keyboards, laptop
Thomas Gunillasson (S) – guitar (1-8/4)
Carl Svensson (S) – guitar (13/4)
Johan Björklund (S) – drums
Thomas Backman (S) – saxophone, clarinet, synth

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Kicking off Thymeshift + Amsler

Now it’s official. The Thymeshift + Amsler project had its kick off the other day. We spent three days in Gothenburg rehearsing new tunes for the project. Not did we only rehearse, we hung out a lot, had good food and drinks and enjoyed each others company. Really looking forward to touring with these beautiful people! Besides me, Thymeshift + Amsler consists of Katrine Amsler, Thomas Backman and Johan Björklund. We will be touring Sweden in march-april 2017. Stay tuned!


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