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This one is an old favorite. I’ve used this tune lots of times in my guitar teaching, enabling the students to get a grasp of Drop D tuning and getting started with playing octaves. The tune is also a great display of fine rhythm playing. In this case I used the baritone guitar to get that low grind needed when playing “bass less” 😉


Lindha Kallerdahl – Voice

Thomas Gunillasson – Guitar

Johan Björklund – Drums

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New Album Out November 1st

November 1st, THE SONIC E “Dope Regards” (Simlas 011)

In the fall of 2014, the Swedish Improrockjazzoutfit Thymeshift merged with DJ/bassist/producer Jonas Färnlöf under the name of The Sonic E to explore and to some extent wipe out computer/human boundaries in a creative music creation process. Synchronized computers, venturous improvisations and innovative outsidetheboxthinking. The band worked intensively during the year and met regularly at Jonas cabin/studio in Västerås (not to be confused with Westeros) to test, develop and customize the music. The live-premiere took place in April 2015 and the band played half a dozen concerts before they went into Studio Västerås and immortalized it all. The recorded part of the project has been slowly matured and processed leading to this final result.

The Sonic E proudly presents: ”Dope Regards”. Don’t be squared…be Grabbed from Beyond!

Thomas Gunillasson – guitars, laptop
Jonas Färnlöf – voice, bass, percussion, laptop
Johan Björklund – drums, percussion, laptop

Thomas Backman – altosaxophone, clarinet, flute, voice, laptop

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Thymeshift + Amsler Spring Tour 2017

Thymeshift Katrine AmslerApril is soon here and we’re getting ready to go out on our spring tour around Sweden. We hope to see you around. Cheers!

Thymeshift+Amsler Sweden tour april 2017:
1/4 Plugged Records, Stockholm kl 14.00
1/4 Nya Perspektiv, Västerås kl. 20.00
4/4 Boden
5/4 Brötz, Göteborg kl 20.30 (Swedish Jazz Radio)
6/4 Scenkonstutbudsdag Uddevalla (Thymeshift Elektronix)
7/4 Not Quite, Fengersfors kl 19.00
8/4 Katakomberna Kvarnbyn, Mölndal kl. 16.00
9/4 JazzMiniCamp, Vänersborg
13/4 Klubb Boogaloo, Norrköping (special guest Carl Svensson – guitar!!!)
Supported by Statens Kulturråd.


Katrine Amsler (DK) – keyboards, laptop
Thomas Gunillasson (S) – guitar (1-8/4)
Carl Svensson (S) – guitar (13/4)
Johan Björklund (S) – drums
Thomas Backman (S) – saxophone, clarinet, synth

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Auditioning the Martin D45 IR’s from 3 Sigma Audio

Still in love with the Line 6 Helix unit and constantly finding new sounds and ways of working with it. I was curious of how using acoustic IR’s would work with the Helix so I downloaded the 3 Sigma Martin D45 impulses from here and started experimenting with the different IR’s provided using my Martin 00016GT. I found the results to be very promising and I think I could get even better sounds with some tweaking and maybe combining it with a condenser mic. For this video I just used one IR block and went away. I added some subtle EQ and reverb in post, but otherwise it’s just the IR. For the electric guitar I used the Litigator amp with one compressor block and a reverb block, maybe some delay. Some reverb added in post there as well. For the lead I hit the Stupor OD. All guitars recorded direct from the Helix via 2 xlr’s to my T.C Electronic Impact Twin soundcard. Ableton Live used as DAW. The tune was written some years ago and can be heard on my 2014 album “Glashus” as well. During a period of time I wrote several tunes named after different types of reindeer in the Sapmi language. This tune is named “Spoairu” which means a “long legged, thin reindeer”.

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